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Let us take your garden refuse off your hands.

Drum Express offers a straightforward solution to what has always been a huge hassle to property owners: the disposal of garden refuse. In most areas residents are not allowed to burn their garden refuse and in the areas where it is allowed, the smoke caused by the fire is a nuisance to the other home owners.

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The bags used for refuse removal are also very expensive and can only be used for leaves and grass cuttings as they tear easily when you put bigger branches into them. As result of this, garden refuse gets piled up is not only unsightly, but also a breeding place for insects, rats, snakes etc.

All in all, garden refuse disposal can be a real headache and Drum Express is here to take that headache away from you.

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For the past fifteen plus years, we have been implementing our system in most areas in and surrounding Durban and Pietermaritzburg, and have gained many satisfied customers over the years. We are made up of a team of absolute professionals that have all the skills and expertise to make garden refuse removal an efficient and hassle-free process.

Want to make use of our drums for garden refuse and our garden refuse removal services? Contact our friendly team at Drum Express today to discuss how we can help you!