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Garden Refuse Always Piling Up?

Let Drum Express take it off your hands, with our weekly garden refuse removal service.

Durban is a green and leafy city, full of beautiful foliage. But with this surplus of trees and plants, comes the debris that’s associated with them. Falling leaves and dead branches can easily begin to pile up in your garden, making your property look messy and untidy.

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Once you’ve raked the leaves, and cleared branches and other garden refuse, there’s the question of what to do with it?

Getting rid of garden refuse yourself can be quite the headache. At Drum Express, we take the stress out of this situation by offering you straightforward and hassle-free, weekly garden refuse removal services in Durban and surroundings including PMB!

Our Garden Refuse Removal Service:

How it Works

Interested in using our services? We work in a very simple and straightforward manner. Our structure looks like this:

Step 1

We deliver one or more, large 210lt drum(s) to your home.

Step 2

The contents of 5 – 6 black bags fit into one of these drums.

Step 3

The drum(s) can be placed inside or outside on your property.

Step 4

You fill the drum(s) with your garden refuse, no need for plastic bags.

Step 5

We empty the drum(s) once EVERY WEEK.

Step 6

It’s as easy as that!

Before After

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Garden Refuse ONLY

Due to the nature of our work, we are only able to collect garden refuse. This includes; leaves, branches, sticks, plant debris grass cuttings, etc. We ask that all large branches and leaves be cut up into a manageable size before going into the drum.

What can’t go into the drum? We kindly ask all our clients to refrain from putting stones, soil, cement or building rubble into the drum. Nothing other than garden refuse should be put in the drum.

Benefits of Having a Weekly Removal Service

If you have a large garden, you’ll know that garden refuse can pile up surprisingly quickly. It can make your garden look very untidy and before you know it you have a mountain of garden refuse at the bottom of your garden.

The most effective solution is to have your garden refuse removed weekly so that it doesn’t pile up. Once you have signed up with us, the process is straightforward and simple, taking all the stress out of removing your garden waste.

All you need to do is ensure that you put all your refuse in the drum provided and it will be picked up on the discussed day every single week!

Health Hazards

Allowing garden refuse to pile up can lead to many problems. If the refuse becomes waterlogged it can become very heavy and difficult to move.

When garden refuse gets wet, it can start to rot and rotting plant matter has many negative potential side effects, including a range of diseases such as Aspergillosis and Farmer’s Lung.

Additionally, large piles of refuse provide hiding places for snakes, and a breeding ground for rats, mice and other potentially unwanted creatures.

Need a professional, weekly garden refuse removal service in Durban? Drum Express specialises in this service and has all the expertise needed to make for a hassle-free and streamlined experience.

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